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Welcome to our catering services page. As you see below, we offer all types of catering services. There are many other catering services that we offer that we didn’t have room for here. Basically, if you can think it, we can do it. We can guide you through the process of selecting what type of catering you need to

match your event. We can provide intimate events to several hundred people. We can setup your party tents inside or outside. If we do your event outside, we have systems in place should the weather change. We can handle any of the other aspects of your event that you may need, such as, flowers, music, performers, etc.

Wedding Catering

No event is more nerve racking than the wedding day. This is where we shine, making every 

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detail perfect. From the decorations to the chairs, from the flowers to the food, from the music to the first dance. We can do it all or just be part of the team that makes your special day, just that., special. One of the most important items in your wedding day is the food. How it is presented, how it is served and course how it tastes. Your wedding guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

Corporate Catering

We offer a wide variety of corporate catering. We can provide corporate catering for a breakfast event or meeting, lunchtime event onsite or off, corporate retreats, corporate relationship building event, corporate awards events and so much more. We can offer one-off catering or a recurring catering service. We can also provide a coffee catering service and/or bagels and muffins and more. Please contact us to discuss how we can make your corporate catering event a success.

Graduation Catering

We have created some awesome graduation catering events both inside and outside. We have everything you need to make your graduate,  family and friends have a special event everyone will remember celebrating your graduate. Not only do we have all the catering you could ever want, but we also have all the rental items needed for a spectacular graduation event. We can provide daytime or evening events and events that transition from day to evening. We can small intimate events or large all encompassing extravaganzas.

Retirement Party Catering

After a long career, celebrating your career can be one of the most heart felt events when shared with family, friends and colleagues. We take great care to make this a very sentimental event. We can cater to the likes of your retiree’s food preferences, video presentations and ambience to make your retirement event one to never forget. Make it a surprise retirement event and truly catch your retiree off guard. Everyone will enjoy these pictures for years to come.

Buffet Catering

Buffet catering is one of the most common types of catering events. They can range from just one chafing dish to long tables with multiple chafing dishes to multiple stations. We have the ability to bring everything and set right up or utilize a staging area or kitchen to maintain a constant flow of refiling popular food items. We offer full service catering menus for appetizers to salad stations to main courses and lushes desserts and coffee stations.

Birthday Party Catering

Nothing can be as fun as a birthday celebration. Catering these vents are always a special event. What a great day when you have your birthday celebrated with family and friends with a catered event. Where everyone can concentrate of the birthday person and all the fun that comes with it. Let all the work and clean up be taken care by others. We can also provide special birthday cakes and/or many different types of a great desserts. Say Happy Birthday with a great catering event.

Social Event Catering

Today we are all concerned with social media. Well that has come to the catering world as well. We can provide social event catering solutions of any kind. We can do a nice social event at the workplace, a local event space, a favorite local bar, at one of the casinos, on the beach, at a race track and so many other venues. Let us handle your next networking social event. Maybe you just want drinks and hors d’oeuvres or something more. We can handle it all. Please call us to discuss how we can make this a special social event.

Christmas Party Catering

Let’s face it, the end of the year is so hectic these days. It seems like from Halloween thru New Years, it’s just one big rush. Celebrating Christmas can almost seem undoable this time of year. That’s where we come in, book your Christmas catering event sooner than later as there only so many days to have a Christmas Party. Days, nights and weekends fill up fast. Catering your Christmas event can really take off the stress of the holidays. Please call early to lock in your date.

Cocktail Reception Catering

A cocktail catering event can be a very simple but powerful event. Whether it is for networking, a casual business meeting, or an event to promote your company. We have many ways to create a great event to spotlight yourself, your product and/or services or your company. We can set up your cocktail catering event is variety of ways. Please reach out to us to discuss your ideas and your goals for this type of event. We have many ideas of our own to help you plan a successful cocktail catering event.

Bar Mitzvah Catering

Let’s face it, some events are more serious than others. Your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is a very important day in a young person’s life. Take the worry of the decorations, food, music, etc to someone else so you can focus on your young person’s special day. We can transform any room or event center into one that fits your young person’s special day. We have everything you need from catering to rentals to outside vendors such as DJ’s and entertainment. Mazeltov!

Baptismal Catering

Celebrate you family’s Baptismal with a special event. We can handle both the church ceremonial and the reception event. Let’s welcome your special person’s new rite of Baptism with a specially catered event celebrating this special day for family and friends. We can provide special decorating and a head table for honored guests, We can provide a buffet style catering event or a more formal full service affair. God Bless.

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